Company Policy

Company Policy

After Compliments

Eurotech is a worldwide active manufacture, importer – exporter and marketing organisation of PPR-C pipe system for sanitary and heating sector, having excellent presence in 9 countries. Now in sight we have developed extensive dealers, distributors and franchisee network across the world to cater your requirements and serve PPR-C users in a good way.

EUROTICH pipes & fittings are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001-2000 quality management System and are used and accepted worldwide for both Hot & Cold circulation system of potable water oils and other fluids in domestic applications as well industrial segmentation.

EUROTECH PPR-C pipes are available in 5 category /class according to its pressure capability. EUROTECH fittings are available in both PPR-C fitting and threaded fittings made of FINE CHROMIUM PLATED HIGH BRASS with no alloy. Pipe and fittings can be joined together by high temperature fusion welding method where by its guaranteed to serve a period of 50 years against leakage. The salient features of Eurotech PPR-C PIPE system are: -

  • It can be used for transportation of water and other fluids of temperature by boiling level 100*C
  • The low thermal conductivity of EUROTECH pipe makes the product excellent for hot water circulation.
  • The liner expansion and contraction are negligible even in open installation up to 47c.
  • EUROTECH PPR-C PIPE SYSTEM is Hygienic, Non-Toxic Rust and scale free, making it ideal for drinking water purposes.

We are pleased to be introducing EUROTECH PPR-C PIPE SYSTEM before you as we know that our products ranging from 20mm to 160mm with more than 450 different fittings can fulfil your entire needs while pipe installations.

An association means long years of mutual co-operation on the basis of Trust & Responsibility is much more for us as “The customer’s success and satisfaction are our success” and we are confident that you will feel the difference after using EUROTECH PPR-C PIPE SYSTEM.

To serve you in a better way, please write us your queries, suggestions of course are always welcome.

With warm regards,
(Sales & Marketing Department)

Raw Material

The raw material used in the manufacture of EUROTECH PPR-C pipe & fittings is the German raw material VESTOLEN p-9421. This raw material is obtained by cracking petroleum where by propylene monomer polymerises with poly propylene co monomer to form POLYPROPYLENE RANDOM CO POLYMER. P-9421 is a top-grade raw material where in; during extrusion the molecules are stretched to provide rigidity with high molecular weight fulfilling the requirements with stand high temperature and pressure. The process of manufacture of EUROTECH PPR-C pipes & fittings conforms to international standards of DIN 8077/8078 & DIN 16962 where in the finished products are subjected to a test by Sweden Bodycote polymer AB institution for a during of 8760Hours.

Fields of Application

The poly propylene random co polymer pipe system from EUROTECH can be used for: -

  1. Potable water pipe network for hot and cold-water installations for all type of buildings.
  2. Child water networks in the air conditioning system.
  3. Pipe network for rain water utilization system.
  4. Pipe networks for compressed-air plants.
  5. Pipe networks swimming pools facilities.
  6. Pipe network for solar plants.
  7. Pipe networks in agriculture, horticulture sector and for gardens.
  8. Pipe network for industry, i.e. for transport of aggressive fluids, wide range of chemicals and liquid foods.

Let’s take a close look at the technology which provides EUROTECH PPR-C PIPE SYSTEM EUROTECH Produces PPR-C (polypropylene random co polymer) pipes& fittings with high German technology compatible to DIN 8077-8078 &DIN 16962 standards, with using VESTOLEN P-9421.The greatest specialty about VESTOLEN P-9421 raw material is its extremely safe usage in the hot and cold-water pipes as it has brilliant resistance against heat and chemical substance. The products which are produced from this row material are hygienic and agreeable to the nutriment charter because it is not also affected by any biological substances. It is certified by health ministries of European Union and Asian countries including India that EUROTECH PPR-C type 3 raw material is healthy and hygienic. It is completely Non –Toxic and complies with food grade as per the current standards at international level the increasing use of PPR-C in the field of packing confirms the hygienic quality of the raw material. This guarantees EUROTECH PPR-C SYSTEM as the optimal packing for one of our most precious commodity goods – the potable Water.

Specific properties of EUROTECH PPR-C PIPE SYSTEM

The low-density value of EUROTECH PPR-C pipes allows east handling and therefore plumbing with EUROTECH pipes are much quicker and fast.

  1. The high melt flow index (MFI) of EUROTECH pipes and fitting make it is possible to achieve a very smooth surface internally and externally and also ensure negligible rejection during manufacturing process and welding by fusion guarantees leak proof.
  2. EUROTECH pipe & fitting are free from any electro chemical corrosion there by no perforation takes place.
  3. The type of Antioxidants inertia of EUROTECH pipes and fitting makes it resistant to all chemicals such as acids& Alkalis there by, ensuring no chemical effects of the material with the contents transported.
  4. The non – rigidity of EUROTECH pipes and the high heat destruction capacity makes it resistant to high temperature and pressure as well as mechanical stress which are quite common in conventional and traditional pipes.
  5. In high temperature the viscosity of water decreases there by resulting in loss of pressure. This common feature is fairly lower while using EUROTECH pipes and fittings as the surface tension created on the walls of pipes is far less.
  6. Thermal liner expansion & contraction is a common factor arising by variation in outside temperature. EUROTECH pipes and fitting can withstand temperatures ranging from-20 to 95c thereby negligible liner expansion & contraction takes place.
  7. As outside temperature falls and nears oc, brittleness of the pipe take place resulting in breakage or cracks, this does not occur with EUROTECH pipe hence safe in sub-zero temperatures.


  1. Strong & long lasting
  2. Hygienic & non-toxic
  3. No,rust,no scaling & resistant to abrasion-corrosion
  4. Highly resistance to acid & chlorides
  5. Light weight & no maintenance
  6. Extremely low thermal conductivity
  7. Easy installation & handling
  8. Insulations is not required for interior applications
  9. Tolerate high pressure& temperature
  10. Low pressure drops
  11. Eco-friendly & not harmful to human and environmental health.
  12. 50 years guarantee for joint leakage
  13. Noise free at high flow rates
  14. Approved by water quality institute of 16 countries
  15. Extensive saving in both time & labor
  16. No classification and sedimentation
  17. Un-effected by termites
  18. Widely used in European & developed countries
  19. Resistant to stray electric currents
  20. No bacterial or fungal growth and no contamination
  21. Highly flexible and competitive price