Why Eurotech

Why Eurotech

For us EUROTECH PPR-C PIPE SYSTEM is a tool for fulfilling the social commitments to provide healthy life with sufficient water resources, thanks to its leakage free & hygienic characteristics. You have many more reasons to decide on using EUROTECH’s exclusive brand EUROTECH PPR-C PIPE SYSTEM.

  • EUROTECH has modern German technology in its plants and widely used in European and developed countries since 1996.
  • EUROTECH uses German raw material (Vestolen P9421) which is arrogant in its field and accepted as one of the best law of material in the world.
  • It is certified by Health Ministries of European Union and Asian counties indlcuing from India, that EUROTECH PPR-C Type 3 raw material is healthy and hygienic
  • High Pressure and temperature withstandability
  • EUROTECH offers it’s more than 20 years experience in the sector for the betterment of customers need.
  • EUROTECH has more than 450 connecting fittings categorized under PN-25. And 5 classes of pipes (namely PN-10, PN-12, PN-16, PN-20, PN-25) ranging from 20mm to 160mm sizes that provide a solution for any situations during plumbing for residential and industrial segments.
  • EUROTECH PPRC pipe system price level is comparable with traditional and conventional pipes; you do not have to pay a fortune benefit from its advantages.
  • Fifty (50) years guarantee for joint leakage with insurance protection for property damage.
  • For EUROTECH Customers satisfaction is not a DEPARTMENT it’s an ATTITUDE.
Let’s take a close look at the technology which provides EUROTECH PPR-C PIPE SYSTEM

Now moldy and rusty pipes ending up with layers of lime is not your destiny. It is your right to drink the water in its healthy form, tasting the same as it is out of its springs.

EUROTECH produces PPR-C (Polypropylene Random Co Polymer) pipes & fittings with High German technology compatible to DIN 8077-8078 standards, with VESTOLEN P-9421. The greatest productivity speciality about VESTOLEN P-9421 raw material is its extremely safe usage in the hot and cold water pipes as it has brilliant resistance against heat and chemical substances.

The products which are produced from this raw material are hygienic and agreeable to nutriment charter because it is not also affected by any biological substances. It is certified by Health Ministries of European Union and Asian countries including India that PPR-C Type 3 raw material is healthy and hygienic. As it is completely Non-Toxic and complies with food grade as per current standards at international level, The Eurotech PPR-C Pipe system is certified to be used in such as juices, dairy products, chocolates melts, ice creams, mineral water plants and many more.

The increasing use of PPR-C in the field of packing confirms the hygienic quality of the raw material. This guarantees EUROTECH PPR-C PIPE SYSTEM as the optimal packing for one of our most precious commodity goods “The potable Water”